Australia wide delivery

If your delivery is to somewhere in Australia but outside the Sydney Metro area, it will be sent through our network of florists. For orders outside Sydney-Metro delivery area, please choose from our Florist -Choice product range. Areas outside Sydney -Metro we cannot guarantee Sunday delivery.

*We can send domestically our Everlasting product range that includes everlasting roses, rose teddy bears, candles and bracelets.


*Please note that  if order is not a florist Choice sent to areas outside the Sydney Metro then  our substitution policy will apply.


In most cases we can offer same-day Australia-wide delivery, where the order is placed before 10am. As a general request , we ask that national orders be placed 24 - 48 h before you desired delivery date.


Delivery to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide,Hobart, Gold Coast , Cairns, Canberra



*International orders are usually made as florist choice and customer can choose colors or style.


Contact  us in case  you have  any questions