About Us

Hi everyone!  My name is Pille-Riin Tilk and I am  Musi Flowers . I come from tiny Northern Europe country called Estonia. I have been in fond of  flowers and nature since i was a little girl . I remember myself making little posies from garden flowers and selling them on my doorstep on the street :)



I believe that flowers can make everyone happy and give you a reason to smile!


About my Background


 At the age of 16  I went to study Garden  and Nature management course In Estonian Famous gardening college, i finished the  course with Gardener Diploma. After that I continued studies in same school and subject was Floristry. Finished with Florist I Diploma. I started my working career in flower shop in the same time i was  still studying it. I  also did a bit of landscape design unfortunately my travelling plans cut that study after one year. I was working and travelling a little bit around Europe. After that i stayed 2 years back at  home and worked for flowershop -  specialized  Funeral florals.



In the Year 2013 November i came first time to Australia -  Sydney. I worked for busy  award winning flowershop in Monterey . It was a long journey there and a lot of lessons learnt.  Little time here and there  due working holiday visa I had to do the rural area work but after that I just couldnt stay away from Sydney. I  applied  for the student visa and got Business Diploma . The time being here has given me more knowledge and  guts to go after my dream and have own business. And here  I am started Musi Flowers in September 11. 2017. With a shop that is open 24/7 and is inside petrol station. Sounds  unbelievable ?  - well, this is my start.  


Musi Flowers took a big step and attended a Masterclass by Karen Tran 2018. Successful floral experience at Gold Coast Queensland, that teached a lot of tricks how to create large scale floral arrangements. We had fun to work with 10 000 roses and over 200 stems of phaleonopsis orchids. Look up on our instagram page photos and videos. #ktgoldcoast.


Musi Flowers has become  Canterbury - Bankstown local Business awards 2018 and 2019 Finalist.

 Musi Flowers has opened a  shop outlet, where you can shop for ready arrangements and gifts. Also we offer possibility to pick up your order next day.

The location is at 998 Punchbowl road , Punchbowl - Inside Metro service station.

Due economical reasoning we closed down our shop location at Revesby Service station.

 All our flowers  have moved to our Punchbowl outlet and currently we dont offer florist services in store and only sell pre- made bouquets and arrangements including  pick - Up or delivery service for orders next day.

We are still happy to accept all your orders for functions and events.

Book a time with me at your convenient location for appointment.


Musi flowers mission is to give people a opportunity to purchase flowers  in a shop that offers service 24/7 has easy access and quality flowers that suit every budget.