Bunches- Make Your Own Bouquet

One type of flowers in a bunch wrapped as gift.

Minimum QTY will apply with Greenery added as Default.

Choose at least 2x  Bunches to make up Your Bouquet

Make your own bouquet by adding your favorite bunches together.

And mark in special instructions box that make them up as one bouquet in your favorite colors or let florist to choose.

  • Florist choice Bunch of Tulips

    Florist choice Bunch of Tulips

    Florist choice of 10 tulips in a bunch wrapped up in  decorative paper. Lovely gift for Mothers day! Florist will choose the freshest blooms that are in stock to put this amazing bouquet together with love for your special someone.

  • Kale

    Bunch of Kale

    Bunch of Kale Seasonal availability, check before ordering ! Make your own Bouquet by adding other flowers named Bunch of ...

  • Bunch of Oriental Lilys

    Bunch of Oriental Lilys

    Send someone a special bunch of Lilys,   they are famous for their fragrance. Or make your on bouquet adding other flowers. Just add other products from category Bunches Products like Bunch of ... Available Pink or White We might have hot...

  • Bunch of Gerberas

    Bunch of Gerberas

    Send someone a bunch of Gerberas to cheer up  Or combine your own bouquet ! Add Other products from bunches category and make your own style bouquet or arrangement.

  • bunch of Alstroemeria

    bunch of Alstroemeria

    Also known as Inca Lily or Princess Lily. Choose this fantastic flower to surprise your loved one! Add other bunches of flowers to make your own bouquet...

  • Bunch of Disbuds

    Bunch of Disbuds

    Lovely Blooms that gonna last long and have very intresting texture.   Make your own Bouquet by adding other flowers,choose your color tone.

  • Red Rose Bunch

    Red Rose Bunch

    Send someone special bunch of Red roses, or combine your own bouquet just adding other bunches of flowers together.

  • Bunch of Pink Roses

    Bunch of Pink Roses

    Send pink roses to someone who loves pink or loves roses. OR Combine with other bunches to make your own bouquet.

  • Bunch of Tiger Lily's

    Bunch of Tiger Lily's

    Send some Tiger Lily's  wrapped in paper Amazing array of blooms selected to send some good vibes.   Musi Flowers cannot guarantee what  flower  colours will be exactly - we  guarantee that your specific flowers will be...