Products that are suitable  send to fresh parents to hospital or home with little newborn greetings.

Little bundle of joy has arrived!

  • Picnic ready Basket with fruit and snacks added  Prosecco 18K Calappiano

    Ready for Picnic- Gift Hamper

    Imagine how You will escape the ordinary and heading outside to relax with this picnic gift basket filled with  fresh fruit, pickled antipasto, olives and wine. This basket contains selection of fresh fruit, 2x small glass jars with olives and...

  • Fruit gift hamper

    Large Fruit Basket

    To make a great impression, our fruit basket holds the way to succeed! Each basket is a one of a kind creation that may include apples, pears, oranges, grapes, bananas,pineapple, other fruits. Send someone the perfect combination of fruits for a healthy...

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  • Medium Fruit Basket

    To make a great impression, our fruit basket holds the way to succeed! Each basket is a one of a kind creation that may include apples, pears, oranges, grapes, bananas, or other fruits. Send someone the perfect combination of fruits for a healthy...

  • Lovely fruit basket

    Small Fruit Basket

    To make a great impression, our fruit basket holds the way to succeed! Each basket is a one of a kind creation that may include apples, pears, oranges, grapes, bananas, or other fruits. Send someone the perfect combination of fruits for a healthy...

  • Stacey

    Large Upright white flower box arrangement. This stunner is perfect to fill the room with shine of light and fragrance. Best selection of fresh white flowers arranged in our eco-friendly floral foam with  natural brown box.    

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  • Lily-Marlen Bouquet

    Fresh fragranced flowers to fill the receivers heart with joy. Upright small Bouquet with beautiful purple and some white flowers. Suitable for various occasions. She is a sister of our popular arrangement Lily-Marlen that has been one of the...

  • Sunny

    Sunny is lovely Bright Bouquet with sunflowers and pink alstroemerias complimented with greens and chrysanthemums. This lovely sun colored bouquet will brighten up anyone's day. 

  • Dreaming Blue

    Dreaming Blue is gorgeous blue flower arrangement with Blue roses and blue disbuds.  Flowers are placed into Basket with Bio-floral foam.  Caring instructions would be: add water regularly! *** Please Note*** Order at least 3 days ahead...

  • Carly

    Carly is lovely country style rustic looking vase arrangement. It is adorable with its different textures and soft color assortment. Suitable for many occasions that you can think of.

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  • Brittany

    Brittany is Bright Pink Round boxed arrangement that will bring this wide smile on the face.  It has all the flowers we love starting from Roses, Lilys and so on. Suitable for many occasions for example Birthday congratulations or new born baby...

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  • Naomi

    Naomi is large arrangement with Glass vase. She has wide choice of gorgeous flowers that will make it Pop. Choice of lilys, roses just to name ones The size is well over 1 M from base.

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  • Ann

    Ann is filled with roses in Paper basket with foam. She is lovely and roses placed in different levels make her different and unique.  Suitable for many occasions to send your thoughts with. we can make this lovely arrangement in different...

  • Meadow

    This beautiful  lush arrangement with white Roses, green Disbuds and added seasonal purple touch  is a stunner for any occasion. Boxed arrangement with floral foam is easy to manage and to look after.  *Purple Easter daisy is seasonal...

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  • Jade

    Our Popular product now available in our online store. Perfect Gift! Pretty Pink  Flowers in Basket with roses and Pixies  and Lily.

  • Pink Everlasting Magic Gift Box

    Magical gift that will open up a new way of luxury everlasting love. This gorgeous pink flower box in a pink satin round case makes everything feel magical... Its like fairytale ! Outside of the box it say Best that will make receiver feel very...

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  • Everlasting single rose Lux

    Floral fairytale magic such as this single rose in a acrylic box can be your reality. This is the everlasting  Single rose  first introduced in Musi Flowers. Rose that stays in perfect condition more than one year and even longer...

  • Constantine

    Lovely boxed Upright shaped flower arrangement. Suitable for many occasions.   Please note that flowers may vary from the picture due seasons!

  • Carmen

    Vibrant colors that will be suitable congratulate for various occasions. Order for birthday, graduation, or new home or job. Carmen will bring sweet smiles. Comes together with vase.    

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  • Bridget

    Lovely Upright arrangement that is arranged into foam in cartong box. Suitable for various occasions.     Please note that flowers may vary from the picture due seasons!

  • Astonishing Amanda

    Amazing huge arrangement that leaves receiver speechless Amanda is full of colors and different flowers , its a arrangement in floral foam in ceramic  pot.  It gives perfume and brightens up the room.   Please note that flowers may...

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  • Margaret

    Large scale upright flower arrangement. Soft Pink pastel flowers will amaze everyone!  Order ahead to receive same look of flowers. Please keep in mind as some flowers are seasonal and may not be available all year round.

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  • Bursting Joy

    Gorgeous Large Upright Arrangement that is full of Happy colors and joy. Flowers are arranged into floral foam in ceramic white Pot. This lovely arrangement contains everyone's favorite flowers Lilys, Rose , Disbuds just some of the names.....

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  • Flower Bouquet


    Belinda is Beautiful mixture of Oriental Lilys, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Lissianthus and Alstromerias. The Colors are Pink , Orange and creamy with white notes.

    MSRP: $65.00
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  • Rose box arrangement

    La Belle Mini Box

    La Belle has soft creamy pink roses. La Belle got its name from the rose that has been used in this arrangement. Suitable for many occasions. Send these roses to surprise your loved one!

  • Tall boxed arrangement


    Stunning white and creamy arrangement ,that will tick all  the boxes. Suitable for various occasions. Let your loved one know , that you are thinking about them.

    MSRP: $100.00
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  • Bright Pink Hand-tied bouquet with water base


    Shelly is our lovely Stunner with Bright pinks  She will catch the eye and win hearts. Suitable for Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Congratulations, New baby Delivered in Water - Box

  • Jodie

    Jodie is Beautifully handcrafted Paper basket filled with  Roses. Spoil someone with this lovely arrangement! Suitable for various occasions Birthday is just one of them ... Choose your color for roses and basket (white,pink,black)

    MSRP: $50.00
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  • Golden leaves and golden flowers make an impact with hot pink flowers on background.

    The golden girl

    Surprise your loved one with this golden pink spark....  It will put people talking and your gift will be in the middle of attention :) Statement flowers

    MSRP: $100.00
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  • Gerda

    Gerda is Bright Bouquet with yellow green and blue. This stunning combination will suit for many occasions. New Baby Birthday Anniversary Thank You Easter Mother's Day

  • Mia

    Mia is gorgeous gift,  order her today and surprise someone. Bright Pink colors matched together including Lilys, roses and Gerberas

    MSRP: $60.00
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  • Mandy

    Lovely Yellow Tulips in small arrangement with Little black Gift Bag! Mandy is simply Beautiful and charming. Ladybird will add extra luck! Suitable for various occasions Birthday Get well Congratulations  or  Mothers Day  wishes Send...

  • Gerbera Box

    Beautiful Gerbera Blooms arranged in a box. Lovely small arrangement to send your thoughts and message!   Small size has 5 Blooms, in minibox Medium size has 10 Blooms, in minibox Large size has bigger box and 20 Blooms, in medium box.

  • Lisa

    Lisa is stunning pink rose arrangement. She is special because she is in unique envelope that is very cute. Send your Greetings and Thoughts with her. Suitable for Various occasions Added extra sweet butterfly!

  • Marissa tall box

    Marissa has lovely balanced pink and green flowers that will cheer up the room. Coming in a tall box with water source will be easy to admire as no need extra container. Suitable for various functions and events.

  • Alice

    This arrangement is as dreamy as Alice in wonderland. Lovely blues and whites separated with green. Send your loved one this beautiful arrangement and show that  you care. Suitable for varied occasions: Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Get Well, New...

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  • Elizabeth

    Gorgeous seasonal Hot Pink Flowers to make a statement. Send this amazing array to make your loved one's day extra special.

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  • Christina

    She is amazing and very Femine. Can send  her for all sorts of occasions and life events. This Beautiful arrangement of Flowers will get a lot of comments and smiles.

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  • Charlene

    Charlene is lovely vase arrangement that suits for various occasions. Surprise your special someone with this amazing array of blooms.

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  • Jesse

    "Jesse" Is lovely unisex bouquet that has both colors in -  blue and hot pink. Perfect gift to everyone ! Suitable for new baby, new home or any other occasion.

  • Melissa

    Melissa is beautiful arrangement in tall box with water container. Suitable and stunning for your next occasion or celebration.

  • Grace

    A delicate arrangement of 12 fine pink & cream roses in a stylish hatbox.  Perfect gift for your special occasion! * Product available for domestic/international orders ( ask  for more information in store) Design by D2F

  • Bethany

    Sweet gerberas will brighten up the day.  Cheer someone up with this little ray of sunshine! This affordable little arrangement will work its magic.   Gerberas are arranged in a small water container that is hidden inside small black gift bag...