How to pick the perfect flowers for any occasion?

Posted by Pille-Riin on 14th Mar 2023

Picking the perfect flowers for any occasion can be a tricky task, but with a few tips, you can make sure that your arrangement is the perfect fit for the event. First, consider the occasion you are … read more
Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Posted by Creative Blooms Group on 4th Feb 2023

Our Team Has Created a Helpful Hints for you to Use this Valentines Day Q. What are the best flowers to buy from a florist for Valentine‚Äôs Day and Differentiate between male and female? … read more

New Year with some exciting news

Posted by Pille-Riin Tilk -CEO on 30th Dec 2021

First- Thank you for reading this Blog post.Musi Flowers has been around now more than 3 Years. We have had some obstacles and some great wins.Some of you may think what has changed during l … read more
Meaning of Musi

Meaning of Musi

Posted by Pille-Riin Tilk on 18th Sep 2017

Musi- well in English language Musi doesn't mean nothing. There is no definition.BUT country where i come from (Estonia) word MUSI means a lot.You can say Musi if you would like to say kissYou can sa … read more

Why start Musi Flowers?

Posted by Pille-Riin Tilk on 11th Sep 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Pille-Riin Tilk and I am Musi Flowers . I come from tiny Northern Europe country called Estonia. I have been in fond of flowers and nature since i was a little girl. Having … read more