Rose Teddy

Rose Teddy

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  • Cute white teddybear
  • Teddy

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 Rose Teddy's are now available to order online.

As due limited qty check color  and availability by size from store by quick  call  to avoid any disappointment.

They come in 3 sizes packed with  presentation box

Currently colors available:

Small 23 cm $75

Medium 40cm $150

Large 70cm $300 

Colors currently available but limited :

As following sizes:

Small: Red, Pink, White, Blue

Medium : Red ,Pink

Large : Blue

 Bears last a lifetime with no care needed!

Roses are handmade from soft foam and glued piece by piece on its base.

The roses are NOT real they are 3D latex roses. That is absolutely safe and does not cause any allergies. Product has been  full dermatological control.

 SAFETY NOTICE: Please do not give the toys to play for small children as roses may come off by pulling and can  cause suffocating if eaten.