New Year with some exciting news

Posted by Pille-Riin Tilk -CEO on 30th Dec 2021


Thank you for reading this Blog post.

Musi Flowers has been around now more than 3 Years.

 We have had some obstacles and some great wins.

Some of you may think what has changed during last few years -

Musi Flowers has seen some drastic changes in suppliers prices, so we had to move on with the current market prices. This said we had to induce some price changes that caused product values  going up.

  We continue to offer our best service possible with fresh flowers and deliver with love.

But 2022 will bring us a new chapter.

We are getting a sister company, where we will be working together and fulfill orders. 

It will be amazing fresh new store.

Belfield Blooms is owned by myself as a new business venture with my Partner.

We have agreed that both businesses can coexist under same roof at same location. 

Musi flowers will stay online based business but will offer again Pick-up in store option  that will be from our sister company in Belfield.

Thank you for everyone who have been supporting me during these years I couldn't be here without you.

Best Regards 

Pille-Riin Tilk  CEO- Musi Flowers