Why start Musi Flowers?

Posted by Pille-Riin Tilk on 11th Sep 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Pille-Riin Tilk and I am Musi Flowers . I come from tiny Northern Europe country called Estonia. I have been in fond of flowers and nature since i was a little girl. Having a flowershop to share people joy and smiles have been my dream since i was little. I Often picked flowers from the garden bunched them up and placed on my doorstep on the street with tins. so people who walked by can buy them :)

Growing up in a small town and a chance to visit grandparents in countryside on the weekends made me nature loving lady. I went to study garden -nature management at age of 16 , 300 km away from home. Maintained independency and got used to be away from home. Finished school successfully with Gardener Diploma and continued studies as florist on long distance mode . Started to work in a florist at the same time. I remember well a florist teacher said to me on that time that you will never be a good florist.... That didnt stop me. Instead it gave me more power and enthusiasm to finish studies successfully and proof her wrong.

Well i worked really successfully in one of the flowershops that had main flowers for funerals. I stayed there 2 years until i decided to see Down Under. Yep Australia. I applied for position in Monterey while still being overseas. I couldn't believe my eyes if I saw that i have been chosen and they can't wait to see me.

The Family florist was an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot and saw a lot of variations of floristry. After seeing there is people same passionate about flowers and doing their business while started family and achieved success. That has put in me more eagerness to catch my dream. I am very thankful of everything they did for me. 

Then I made a decision now or never. After thinking my age will not get younger I need to start with my dream catching now. I started looking around what is current situation. Had thoughts about take over someone's else business and make it as my own but my funding was too limited for it. As coming from overseas and being a student its not an easy to achieve. I applied for ABN and started to generate business plan. Designed my previous website with wix thought that this will help. As this was done and up some time it did not work. No customers no traffic. I had to really get out there and have a physical shop. Probably coming from overseas with no family here and being always at work did not give me connections and friends who could use my services and give suggestions to other people.

This is how we started :)

Next post will be how i found my spot for the shop! :)